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2015 - 2024

Previous Laureates:

  • Pope Francis - the prize is in the custody of entrepreneur, writer and social actor Š. Kassay
  • OECD Secretary General J. Á. Gurria
  • M. Attar Syrian entrepreneur and patriot
  • A. Barcík Entrepreneur, peace and spiritual activist - Slovakia
  • M. Babčanová Entrepreneur and jewellery-maker - Slovakia
  • R. Bierman Producer and director - Slovakia
  • Cardinal S. Dziwisz
  • Citizens of the P.R.China
  • A. E. Yunitski CEO of SKY WAY, Belarus,
  • HE R. Schuster President of the Slovak Republic in 1999-2004 . Slovakia
  • J. F. Kennedy in memoriam 35th US President and peacemaker
  • Canceled 05/23/2019
  • Gen. Charles de Gaulle in memoriam President of the French Republic and legendary personality of anti-fascist resistance and rapprochement between West and East
  • The World Food Prize Foundation /1986/, Des Moines, Iowa State, USA, and its President Amb. Kenneth M. Quinn
  • P. Mihók President, Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Honorary President, World Chambers Federation
  • M. Yunus Financier and social leader, winner of Nobel Peace Prize, Bangladesh
    Certificate Autheticity for 2020 to prof M. Yunus 2017/16
  • Prof. K. Schwab President of the WEF, Switzerland
  • Mgr. M. Straková Ethonologist, singer - vocalist of folk songs, director, dramaturg, pedagogue and leader of the ensemble "Čunovský kŕdeľ", Slovakia
  • J. Kubiš Diplomat, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republik and currently UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon /UNSCOL/
  • Archiv medal : 2017/11 MUDr. J. Horáková, PhD Head of the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit of the Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology of the Children´s University Hospital in Bratislava
  • H. Kohl in memoriam German Chancellor (1982 - 1998)
    Certificate of Authenticity: Helmut Kohl in memoriam, 2021/21
  • J. Hogard Colonel and chevalie of the French foreign legions, veteran, entrepreneur and writer
    Certificate of Authenticity: Jacques Hogard, 2021/22
  • People Finnish and its S. Marin, Finland's Prime Minister
    Certificate of Authenticity: the people of Finland and Prime minister Sanna Marin 2021/23
  • Ms. Lenka Petráková, M Arch., Bc., ARB, RIBA Senior Designer, Zaha Hadid Architects, London
    For her visionary projects dedicated to protection and creation of environment, and especially for her outstanding project of the floating station "The 8th Continent" collecting and recycling plastic debris in the Pacific Ocean
    Certifikát "Mierovej ceny zo Slovenska 2015" za rok 2021 Lenky Petrákovej s poradovým číslom 24
  • Prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs economist, director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, President of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network and Golden Biatec laureate for 1999, U.S.A.
    For his vision of global development, particularly the USA - Russian Federation relations in the aftermath of the war in Ukraine, and for relentless instigation to assure better safety, growth of the socio-economic levels of nations and their states and unthreatened peace
    Certifikát "Mierovej ceny zo Slovenska 2015" za rok 2022 prof Jeffrey D. Sachsa s poradovým číslom 25
    and contributing photojournalist Evgeniy Maloletka
    For the picture "The children of medical workers warm themselves in a blanket as they wait for their relatives in a hospital in Mariupol" (Ukraine, Friday, March 4, 2022)
    Certifikát "Mierovej ceny zo Slovenska 2015" za rok 2022 THE ASSOCIATED PRESS s poradovým číslom 26
    Photo 2022
  • Mikuláš Milko, Ing.
    President of the Board of Directors and General Director, HYDROTOUR, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

    For a lifelong effort to create conditions for peoples and their states to get to know each other, for the development of tourism in Slovakia and persistent support for economic cooperation in the world
  • Dr. G. Geyer, Chairman of the Supervisory Board WSV, Austria
    Citizens of Hiroshima, Japan
    Rock sanctuary of Divine Mercy on Mount Butkov, Slovakia

    Certificate of Authenticity No 28, 29, 30
  • Petr Drulák, prof., Ing., PhD.
    Certificate of Authenticity No 31/2024
  • Eduard Šebo, PhDr.
    Conservative socialist, publicist and businessman (vinemaker and winegrower)
    Certificate of Authenticity No 32/2024