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Membership for the period December 23, 2023 - December 22, 2024

Peter Kasalovský, Dr.
Founding member and representative of The Association Informal Economic Forum Economic Club since the year 1993 and co-initiator - spokesperson of the International Peace Committee since the year 2015

  • Olga Apoleníková, farmer
  • Anton Barcík, Ing., chairmen of the board of supervisors; Považská cementáreň, a.s., Ladce, Association´s Committee Vice-Chairman
  • Ján Bilik, Ing., entrepreneur and managing director (from 22.3.2024)
  • Ján Blcháč, Ing., PhD, member of the National Council of Slovakia and mayor of the town of Liptovský Mikuláš
  • Daniel Bohmer, Assoc. Prof., MD, PhD, Head of the Institute of Medical Biology, Genetics and Clinical Genetics of the School of Medicine and University Hospital Bratislava
  • Peter Čatloš, Ing., PhD, entrepreneur
  • Zoltán Černák, Ing., agrobusinessman
  • Felix Černoch, doc., PhDr., CSc., pedagogue, publicist - analyst and peace activist, Czech Republic
  • Jozef Dolník, Ing., entrepreneur
  • Roman Fundárek, Ing., entrepreneur and expert in electrical engineering
  • Ján Gabriel, Ing., Chairman
  • Jacques Hogard, colonel - French military officer and former paratrooper in the French Foreign Legion, entrepreneur and writer
  • Peter Hrinko, Ing. entrepreneur, Association´s Committee Vice-Chairman - Died 12. 2. 2024
  • Miroslav Jevický, JUDr., entrepreneur, (As of February 28, 2024)
  • Tomislav Jurik, RNDr., CSc., entrepreneur
  • Ladislav Krajňák, Ing., entrepreneur
  • Terézia Lovíšková, Ing., entrepreneur
  • Tomáš Malatinský, Ing., MBA, President, Federation of employers' associations of the Slovak Republik (FEA SR)
  • Jozef Masarik, Prof. RNDr. DrSc., physicist
  • Peter Mihók, Assoc. Prof., Ing., CSc., President, Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Honorary President, World Chambers Federation
  • Peter Michalka, MUDr., PhD, primary and pulmonary doctor
  • Mikuláš Milko, Ing., CEO, CK Hydrotour, a.s.
  • Jiří Mikulenka, Ing., traveller, Association´s Committee Vice-Chairman
  • Eva Mišíková, JUDr., lawyer
  • Svetozár Naďovič, Ing., Major General
  • František Pancurák, CEO, Swiss Aqua Technologies AG, Swiss
  • Svetozár Plesník, JUDr., entrepreneur, Czech republic
  • Elena Prokopová, MD, paediatrician (from 22.3.2024)
  • Pavol Prokopovič, Ing., former Minister of the Government of the Slovak Republic and Member of Parliament (from 29. 4. 2024)
  • Pavol Rusnák, MD, MBA, CEO, AGEL Hospital Košice - Šaca (from 12.4.2024)
  • Rudolf Schuster, President of the Slovak Republic in 1999-2004
  • Ján Šály, Dr., a former high-ranking police officer
  • Ladislav Vaškovič, Ing., CSc., entrepreneur
  • Beijing Rongxiang Institute of Regenerative Medicine Co,. Ltd.
Members of the International Peace Committee are laureates of one of the following association awards: "Peace Prize from Slovakia 2015", Golden Biatec or Prominent Economy.
December 20, 2023